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[1st Time Watcher] Back again. From Yuba to the Rebels' Palace Attack! (Alabasta Arc: 104-116)

This isn't your typical, "please no spoilers!" tag! I'm super sensitive about trying to be as close to 100% blind as possible. This means please no hints, not even subtle clues about the future! Thanks for helping me keep the mystery by staying in the dark!
  • Alright this episode definitely had some meat, in fact it had three servings of heavy meat.
  1. Mr. 3 is crocodile food. Nice to see One Piece getting a little gruesome again. Crocodile still seems like a pretty major terrifying villain.
  2. Number Agents are going to try and prevent Vivi and Kohze from meeting, I love the additional obstacles they're gonna face now getting to Kohze. But this has to go down quick, I feel the tension of all the sides coming to clash soon. There's definitely some suspense I'm feeling.
  3. Usopp said it best, "Luffy can surprise you at times." He finally had another big lucid moment, criticizing Vivi's plan, which, after a fight, ended up in another Nami-Arlong-esque moment of Luffy yelling at her that they're her nakama, and she can risk their lives in addition to her own. They are seriously all in on fighting Crocodile, and all in on Vivi being their friend. I enjoy Luffy when he's more serious, and this was a huge moment for Vivi. These lucid moments with Luffy are so great because even though he's goofy most of the time, I think he's a little tongue in cheek too sometimes, and either way, at the end of the day, he knows when he needs to be serious, and he can get pretty serious.
  • I also love how brutal Luffy/Vivi's fight was, like Luffy straight up leap-punches Vivi in the face. That is some real shit. This show is silly in some aspects, but it isn't immature in other aspects--quite the contrary, with serious enough dynamics going on, One Piece often knows when to ground itself for gritty drama. Anything One Piece can do to make me take it even further seriously, I'm all about that.
  • 105 | The Alabasta War Front! City of Dreams, Rainbase
  • Great episode, as well as the previous episode. It's like all of Alabasta so far has just been scaling up to these moments this entire time, all up to the final kickoff. It's of course what I've anticipated, and the time is upon me now.
  • So Luffy was indeed a success at fully convincing Vivi that this fight needs to be rougher in order to have the best productive outcome. That they need to worry about confronting Crocodile. So, change of plans baby, we're going straight to the hornet's nest at Rainbase! Time is of the essence here, and it'll just take a day or so to get there. Not sure if that'll be enough time, because the Rebels are planning their hail mary fast.
  • You know, in my last submission, I talked up Luffy a ton for being a moronic toddler, and not understanding basic resources. But first off, there was his confrontation with Vivi last episode, showing his more mature side. And secondly, that old man in Yuba dug all night to give them a little water, and Luffy is being resourceful as all hell with it. So I think that he may not understand a lot of stuff intuitively, but when there's a relationship or even just a person in general involved, then Luffy knows how to consider feelings and use that to inform him about reality. I think he's basically just got a good empathetic side and that helps him grow. How do I articulate this... Luffy has been awful with their limited resources by wasting watefood, but, as soon as he digs with this guy back in Yuba, understanding how hard his life is, and how big a deal that little bit of water is, then something big clicks in his head, and he's able to be productive about it. The stretch is that this might be actual character development, and in the future he's careful in general with resources, wasting less. The reality though is that this situation may just be in a vacuum--he'll continue to waste general resources, like their food/water, but he can protect resources that are significantly/novelly precious, like the old man's water (and his hat of course). But either way it really is doesn't matter too much in the end, it's just nice to see his brighter side to contrast the goofy side. I love it.
  • What can help make fiction timeless is doing a good job at incorporating fundamental philosophies. It's that quality of groundwork that I usually look for in order to help enjoy something. And there have been other philosophical conflicts like this previously, but this one stands out so much because it's on such a large scale--an entire kingdom. One Piece is ticking this box off for me with the Pacifism vs. Sacrifice-Some-Save-Many. Vivi on one side, Luffy on the other (and each other gang have their individual philosophies/attitudes of course), and what's interesting about Cobra is that he appears to be on Vivi's side but he's actually on Luffy's side. King Cobra seems to play devil's advocate, E.G.: Guard: "Your Highness, it's only a matter of time before the Rebels strike us! We must strike them first!" King Cobra: "Silence, that's out of the question! Is this a children's fight? They hit us, so we hit them back?" So really, Cobra realizes that even if they fight to protect themselves from the Rebels, then it still goes back to what Luffy said: "What then? Crocodile will still be at large." I like the King's attitude and determination.
  • CARUE MADE IT! Good job buddy. Now the King is up to speed. |"So what if this Palace gets occupied by the Rebels while we're off fighting Crocodile--a country is its people." There it is. The King knows what he's doing. He gets the big picture. If the palace is invaded, but the King seizes Rainbase and clears things up, then he can just return to the palace and clear things up with Kohze. That's what matters.
  • Captain Smoker and Tashigi are already at Rainbase! Maybe the gang will end up getting some assistance... But of course Smoker and Luffy just end up in a scuffle with each other again. Smoker is gung-ho on nailing Luffy... I know he noticed something strange about him in Loguetown, how Luffy reminded him uniquely of Gol D. Rogers. Either Smoker is going off that intuition, or Smoker knows something special about Luffy, or Smoker is crazy and merely just has tunnel vision bloodlust for this kid.
  • Love how hard of a time Zoro has reconciling Tashigi looking/seeming like his old friend. It's like he hasn't properly grieved her death or something in some way. Like it's just impossible for him to face her because of her similarities to his late friend. I'm still really craving a hard emotional moment between those two, clearing things up between each other and eventually mutually respecting each other. Zoro doesn't quite seem like the kind of guy to just express all his feelings, so she'd maybe have to provoke him I think. They're due for a serious swordfight, and that could be the beginning of more of their relationship development, even if it ends with them in bad shape. I just like the potential dynamic they have with each other, still excited to see it progress.
  • Pyramid Raid. It's all starting to finally crack down now. Great episode.
@ Notable Humor:
Nami: "Luffy, you can really restrain yourself at times" [commenting about his protection of the old Yuba man's water] Luffy: "Of course I can! How rude! [gets in her face] HOW RUDE!"
Luffy: "This is some great water, dammit! Damn good water!" [Not sure if One Piece contains any/much profanity, or if these subs are taking edgy liberties, but that cracked me up]
  • 106 | Trap in a Desperate Situation! Breaking Into Rain Dinners
  • Okay, Smoker is all in on chasing Luffy down, and this time he looks like he's gonna be stuck with them since falling into the Pirate Trapdoor on the way to the VIP area. Suspicions are at an all time high of a SmokeLuffy temporary alliance against Crocodile. Poor Chopper stuck behind... And Sanji too, actually.
  • [!] Fuckin' Sea Kryptonite. Smoker is a total jerk using his mineral-tipped stick on Luffy. I love how the handicap of Devil's Fruit isn't just as simple as "you can't swim," but rather this opens the door that it's as nuanced as, "you're weak against the energy of the sea." It's awesome there's a mineral that captures its essence. ----- While the lore could be more fleshed out and pertinent than it has been so far, I do enjoy it when it happens. Recent memory is also of the ruins (if that wasn't part of the filler), and the Dance Powder. I liked the filler-lore of the furry dragons and the Lost Island, too. And I think there's been another supernatural element someone has utilized before to enhance their weapon, but I'm a bit hazy on that. And of course there's the Devil's Fruit itself, which I'm still super intrigued about. I want to know the range of their abilities, and especially see where that shit grows! I want to see the gang stumble upon some deep in the sea, and one of the gang has an opportunity to eat it and get abilities. But not necessarily anytime soon.
  • [!] Cool world building with how Smoker says that (his) prisons are made out of that mineral material so Devil's Fruit users can't use their abilities to escape. That's smart, and it's great to see Oda going that far, because sometimes I don't expect that amount of depth, but then Oda will surprise me by throwing it in there.
  • Oh shit! Tori Tori Fruit, also known as the Duke Nukem Falcon Fruit! He is a giant falcon with fucking gatling guns! We're getting some prompt help from the Kingdom! Which is great, considering half of the gang ran straight into a trap. We also still got Sanji and Chopper on the way to act as vital monkey wrenches at some point here soon, so there's that too.
  • Mode: Falcon, granting one of 5 flying abilities known in the world. Woah. So I assume he's stuck to one mode, "Falcon." Considering he's toast now, I assume he couldn't engage in other Modes. Perhaps the other "Modes" are tied to the other flying abilities? What are the other 4 Flying Abilities?? Can't wait to see if it ever touches more on that later in the series. I'm left hanging with lingering mystery... I love it.
  • [!] Hana Hana Fruit... oh fuck...well, holy shit.
  • Fakeout on Vivi's death. I knew Crocodile wanted her, so she couldn't die, but for a moment I was still like, "damn, might as well incapacitate her so she's not an obstacle I guess... by putting a hole through her stomach, alright." But Miss All Sunday just wanted to provoke poor, poor Pell (RIP).
  • And Crocodile's Fruit is called the Suna Suna Fruit. I thought he was making people wither, but he's mainly turning people into sand (still basically withering people away it seems)? Doesn't he also evaporate their blood too, or something? Either way... yikes.
@ Notable Humor:
Zoro: "You've got to hand it to Luffy for making things complicated." [Zoro running away from the Marines Luffy managed to get on his tail--not even mad, just plain amused]
Luffy: "He's the only one I can't fight..." [Referring to Smoker while running away from him, a funny reference to contrast to last episode, where Zoro is running from Tashigi and says, "She's the only one I can't fight..."]
  • 107 | Operation Utopia Commences! The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move
  • Yeah, I think that Kohze had some ego involved in his Rebellion. He was partly selfish in that just because he couldn't stand to see his land dry up, he was willing to take water from elsewhere by gambling on conspiracy. But it's nice to see that he's clearly uneasy. He seems dead-set on his plans, but at the same time, he seems to be beating himself up in some way. Or just sad about the situation and for what he feels like he needs to do about it. But now, he's completely fooled, beyond a doubt. He really seems to have more logic on his side after Mr. 2's succession of his role in Operation Utopia. So of course he's all in now on attacking the Palace.
  • King is gone. Cobra seems awfully expendable... if not now, sooner or later... just for the ultimate middle finger to poor Vivi. I can see the sad possibility. I still need to get a feel for how easily this show "disposes" characters. I'm thinking not much. But I'm thinking that even if it doesn't really do that much, then it'll make it more intense when it does.
  • I had honestly not even considered Mr. 2's copy ability... Fuck me I'm like, "what is the King's plan here??? I thought I had him figured out, this is over my head!" When Mr. 2 visits visits Kohze to initiate the war, disguised as Cobra. I should've known better! Oda got me!
  • Got a bit heavy with Vivi desperately trying to escape Rainbase to save the damn world, and you could just see Luffy absorbing all of her energy into his rage. Luffy is very empathetic, it's totally settled.
  • Okay So Crocodile asked, "Do you know why I want this Kingdom so badly?" and the episode ended before an answer came. But guess what unfinished business popped in my head when he said that? The ruins. He implied he wants the land. And if there's anything special about the land, then how about those mysterious ruins? Or whatever those ruins implicate? Full of untold power? Assuming those ruins weren't part of the filler. Otherwise... maybe it's just a good location on the Grand Line for trade or power, or something, and he just wants it cleared out for himself to control? Or I'm thinking too much about it.
  • 108 | The Fearsome Bananawani and Mr. Prince
  • "Hello Vivi... Do you want to play a game? You've always been a sucker for people, Vivi, your whole life you've stood up for others and cared deeply... but the depth of your care for others will be the depth of the water that your caged friends will be under if you don't act fast. These Prehistoric-sized Crocodiles will be lurking, as you must hope to find the crocodile with the key, and retrieve the key from inside the Crocodile to save your friends. Will you choose integrity and risk your life for your friends once more, or will you choose to worry about yourself for once and try to stop Kohze in time? The choice is yours, let the games begin!" -----Fuck Crocodile for making Vivi play his little Saw games.
  • The sandstorms were artificial! (Poor old dried-up Ossan). I know I suspected it before, but I should have put it all together as soon as it was confirmed that Crocodile had sand abilities. I wasn't thinking big enough to connect that he may be able to use sand to a huge scale, like I remembered how the wind guy back in Loguetown used his at a large scale. I like guessing and figuring stuff out, but I still enjoy getting one pulled over me.
  • It's nice to see whenever someone is fighting for the Straw Hats for a change. Vivi had a big moment of reciprocation toward them, motivated to save her friends over all else.
  • Phone call for Crocodile? Nobody else's voice could sound better than Sanji's right now, mocking Crocodile about when he tricked him on the Prehistoric Island with the phone call. The backup help has commenced! Chopper running decoy around the town, while Sanji is inside the casino, meeting up with Vivi.
  • Miss Doublefinger, Mr. 1-2 are still on their travels. Clearly the gang has to survive the flooding Casino basement, because I feel like they've got to work their way through the Number Agents to even get to Crocodile.
  • 109 | The Key to Turning the Tide and a Great Escape! Doru Doru Ball!
  • I love that Mr. 3 went as far as making a spherical barrier inside the crocodile to survive. And it's also pretty tact that he can shapeshift wax into stuff like keys to unlock the cage they're all inside of.
  • Luffy is great, they save Smoker and run off, but Luffy stays behind for a second and just cheeses out on Smoker, saying, | "Y'know, I don't hate you!" You know how I know Smoker has some humanity? He blushed in response. What a stubborn goof. Just admit your little Luffy chase is without merit, befriend the Straw Hats, and be a standby ally already dude!
  • 110 | Merciless Fight to the Death! Luffy vs. Crocodile
  • Crocodile making a potentially interesting note about the Devil Fruit. While many people are merely content with its default ability, they can become very powerful if trained further. I guess this was kind of inherently my assumption before, but it's some decent confirmation. Makes me also think about how I think Chopper is the one who discovered there are more transformations you can discover if you hone your skills enough, or think outside of the box (or experiment with medical alchemy).
  • Yeah okay, Crocodile's Sand sucks up water from the body--got confirmation straight from the horse's mouth. Nice to know further how the mechanics of his abilities work.
  • Welp... Shit. Luffy just got hooked... Crocodile is savage. Smoker's still around though... I can't imagine any other saving grace. Luffy just can't attack this guy. He needs to utilize something probably. Maybe throwing him in the moat around his casino. Anyway, he's making every other previous enemy look like pussies. And makes a remark about rookies coming to the Grand Line who are all talk. This guy is definitely a step in the right direction for the big league.
  • 111 | The Miracle Sprint! Alabasta the Animal Land
  • Well I was somewhat on the right track as far as the water goes, as it appears to keep Crocodile solid. That's the key.
  • [!] Oooohh shit! Not only did Miss All Sunday just save Luffy from the sand... implying that she may have some reason to keep him alive, which is mysterious. BUT she also referred to him as "people named D." So that subplot definitely just progressed into something pretty substantial now. It's even more intriguing knowing that other people in the world know about it, aside from the witch, but apparently it's not many (or as far as they've revealed--maybe there are a ton of big league pirates who all know about it?). I can't wait for Luffy to find out more and see his reaction to being a part of this mystery that he doesn't seem to know about.
  • | "Mah, mah, Maaahhh," Our curly haired friend is alive in addition to Pell! I should start not thinking that so many people die. Especially the good guys. They usually pull through even if they get rocked to an apparent death.
  • You know, when the Dugongs save the gang in the ocean while they're crossing it trying to get to the Palace, it's kind of like it's Luffy there saving them. He befriended the Dugongs earlier on as his comrades, as that's in their nature, and I wouldn't be surprised if they recognized and remembered the Straw Hats as Luffy's allies and saved them under the goal of "teamwork." All because of Luffy being Luffy in the past. Karma.
  • Looks like the big fight is actually gonna be at the Palace where everybody will come to collide. So, NOW I think it's safe to say that the real battling will commence now. There are 2 million people estimated to be attacking the Palace... can someone put that into proper perspective for me?? Like holy shit.
  • 112 | Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! The Battle will be in Alubarna!
  1. The gang is on super spot billed ducks, all hooded to look the same, splitting up by pairs entering three sides of Alubarna. Even further, they dressed up Eyelashes, and so Vivi is totally isolated safely.
  2. Baroque Works' Millions/Billions working for the Royal Army for saboutage, shooting near Vivi to create a dust of sand so she can't stop the Rebels. More good strategy.
  3. Double Mark (symbol underneath the white cloth they wrap around their arms). Great foresight by the gang, that was a great flashback. More good strategy.
  • ----- So with all that said, I'd love to see depth like this go the full 9 yards in the future, whenever Oda thinks of strategy even more complicated than that. But then again, part of One Piece's charm is in its balance of simplicity/depth. It doesn't go as far as HunterxHunter tactics/strategy goes, but it isn't as emotionally shallow as Dragon Ball. It strikes its own flavor and just makes sure that it tastes right for what it is. That said, that seems to me so far to be one decent attempt at explaining One Piece, based on my impression: a cross between Dragon Ball and HxH. I love the emotions/strategy in DB for what they were, sometimes it surprised me with some powerful stuff, but it was mostly super simple and on the surface it seems one-dimensional (I say this as a huge DB/Z fan). I think One Piece does the emotion/characters a step deeper, which may not be saying a whole lot, but I enjoy it. And it may not be as complicated as HxH, or even JoJo for that matter, but it's not completely devoid of their qualities for strategy/tactics as well. And it may not try to, like I said, Oda makes his own balance for OP, and does a good job displaying what it does. Or, maybe Oda will keep trying to top himself with contextual depth/strategy and get a little crazy with some future arcs, that'd be cool too, but it is what it is.
  • The earth was trembling from such a large force (2mil) running at large toward the Palace. This is an element I feel like is missed in probably every depiction of war I've ever seen. What an incredible detail, totally unexpected and well received. (Charging on camels, no less! Is this a thing??? haha)
  • [!] Great tension with Vivi failing to stop the initial bulk of the forces engaging, after that entire journey, she didn't stop it, and there's a great moment of her realizing Carue protected her from the stampede of camels, looking back at the two sides finally engaging, spelling out apparent defeat for her journey. But her optimism pulls through based on her development with the Straw Hats, and she's gonna try to do whatever she can anyway.
  • And of course "Usopp" comes horseback to her "rescue"--I'd ask, "how'd he get away from the number agents?" but I've learned that Usopp's ability to run away is inhuman. However--I was fooled again! I didn't consider Mr. 2's copying ability! Fuck me I'm underestimating the full extent at play here, haha. But I've said before, I love getting caught off guard, it makes for some great "oh shit!" moments.
  • 113 | Alubarna is Crying! Fierce Fight of Captain Carue!
  • After Carue takes off with Vivi toward the Palace, Mr. 2 uses his Swan Dash move to chase her, instead of using the horse he used to get to Vivi in the first place. Funny in general, hilarious if intended.
  • Prevalence of the war and its scale is suspenseful--as soon as Vivi gets up the cliff, she's immediately surrounding by the fighting.
  • Carue is a saint. Carue's mortality getting ambiguous, and his ability to soldier on by running up the cliff and flying, later taking a bullet while running Vivi to the Palace further, with Vivi's memories of growing up with Carue, took me by surprise at how powerful it was (Sarah McLachlan Effect). And it all ends up resulting in a situation of Vivi encountering Sanji, so it wasn't in vain either.
  • [?] Gotta say, the Japanese voice actor for Mr. 2 is both fucking hilarious and very well performed. Really curious what Manga readers thought about his voice, was it what you expected, did it impress you guys?
  • Fuckin' Mogu Mogu Fruit. Can I comment on Miss MerryChristmas' name? I really hope it doesn't have a meaning, and is just meant to be an absurdly silly name, in which case, it does its job, and it's kinda funny. It's such a blatantly ridiculous name, like it's making fun of anime that's serious about wacky names. Or it's trying to just use it for world-building, like that's just the kind of universe they live in, giving it its style (reminds me of the kind of name someone might have in Dragon Ball). Or both.
  • [!] A gun that ate the Inu Inu Fruit. Holy shit, the world just got a lot bigger. A new technique from the Grand Line where objects can eat Devil's Fruit... welcome to enchanted items! And that's on top of vanilla chemicals in the universe that already have supernatural elements, like the mineral that's Kryptonite to Devil's Fruit users by containing the energy of the sea. So, I'm thinking there has to be someone who has made a sword of that mineral, and maybe even fed it a Devil Fruit in addition just so that it can have ridiculously OP characteristics. Maybe the paper Ace gave Luffy isn't some "entry ticket" like I thought, maybe it has powers from it having eaten a Devil Fruit? Either way, this one expansion of lore ticked off all kinds of boxes for me. I'm hyped about this my dudes! I was unsettled by the Human Fruit, but damn, a gun becoming sentient is almost more disturbing.
  • Usopp straight up BAILS on Chopper as soon as Miss MC goes underground! Oh my god! He doesn't change! It's hilarious.
@ Notable Humor:
[Miss MerryChristmas transforms into a mole] Usopp: "-gasp- A.. penguin!?"
  • 114 | Swear on Your Crewmate's Dream! Battle at Molehill 4th Avenue
  • Love when Chopper utilizes multiple of his forms. At some point I wanna see where he pulls all of his forms right after the other in one crazy fell swoop to do something badass. I think he might've done this in his big battle back on his island.
  • Usopp to the rescue... he doesn't change here, either!
  • Brain Point Scope. I don't think we've seen Chopper pull that one before. Some sort of psychic hijack? He can also find their weakness, but he might've done that one before. Still getting used to Chopper fighting, and honestly still enjoying even the older members whipping out new attacks out of nowhere on occasion, still.
  • Vivi always has intense moments of her persevering. Flashbacks of the Straw Hats encouragement and insights, or fears of Crocodile. They always keep her going. She was fine at first, but she's really great. You know if the King pulls through and maintains the Kingdom with his Guard, then Vivi has a possible shot to go with the Straw Hats after this all blows over. Or she'll stay with Kohze and live happily ever after, because I'm not sure what her "goal" would be if joining the Straw Hats.
  • Usopp runs away... again!
@ Notable Humor:
Usopp: "I'm sure you've heard of the many Baroque Works employees who've met defeat at our hands... But the one who did it ALL... was me!"
  • 115 | Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage!
  • | Usopp: "There comes a time when a man won't run away from battle, like when his Nakama are made fun of." Usopp having a big moment. All this running away/coming to the rescue was begging a little response from him to address it again. When it comes down to insulting his nakama, he's in it to the end. And he's taking the biggest beating yet, absolutely covered in blood head-to-toe with whiteout eyes, temporarily broken teeth, and a squaggly nose, after taking the baseball bat to the noggin.
  • Horn Point! I feel like Chopper has used this before and I just totally forgot about it. Maybe back on Drum Island. If he has then it's been rare, this form is just a beast.
  • Usopp using Miss MC to get a closeup shot on Mr. 4, then pull off a switcharoo with the Chopper assist. Then Usopp using Chopper's antlers for a full power hammer swing. A good battle overall.
  • Kohze deciding to risk his life by making a run to the Courtyard, trying to make the King surrender, instead of waiting on more troops to assemble for him from the other cities. | "They won't make it in time!" I think he wants to try and save some lives, which is awesome. If this all gets cleared up before Crocodile dies, then ol Croc' is gonna have the entire land against him.
  • [?] Sanji and Mr. 2's fight continues to be hilarious. The legwork is absurd! And the name's of Sanji's attacks... it's great. I might've mentioned this before but this series kind of reminds me of Monkey Island in some ways, and Dragon Quest in other ways, and I don't even know what other good things. What do you guys relate One Piece to?
  • Chaka seeing Cobra's image within Vivi was a good moment, swallowing his paranoia and allowing her to destroy the Palace. I haven't seen Crocodile in a while though... I'm waiting for him to fuck up anything good that's gonna happen next.
@ Notable Humor:
[That irony of Miss MC calling Usopp "Long Nose," laughing heartily in her long nose Mole form.]
Chopper: "Don't die, Usopp! Someone get a doctor! A doctooor!"
Mr. 2: "Weirdest Face Montage!" Sanji: "90% of that was your own face..."
  • 116 | Transforming Into Nami! Bon Kurei's Hard-Hitting Ballet Kenpo
  • Supa Supa Fruit. Zoro has met his adversary with Mr. 1 here. Just like Sanji and Mr. 2 are kind of equally matched so far, this should also be really good. Incredible opportunity to discover more of his blade's abilities.
  • Oh my god... the delayed kinetic energy in the final clash between Sanji/Mr. 2. That was hilarious. He starts writhing dramatically in pain and then goes flying.
  • I love how, even after setting the plan to blow up the Palace, for every moment Vivi hesitates and prides herself on recollecting nostalgic memories of her childhood growing up at the Palace, there are people dying in battle lol. I woulda liked to see her haul ass and not hesitate at all. Like the Guard are all holding the torches, ready to light the gunpowder, just staring at her debate herself out loud. But better late than never--Vivi of course settles on the order to ignite... what a big sacrifice, but it's not even a question when it comes to a bunch of lives, especially innocent ones.
  • Perfect moment for Crocodile to return. Right when they're on the verge of stopping the Rebellion again. This arc is frustratingly good. But you know, Luffy has to come back too, at some point, as well. So we have an epic save ready to come in at any point.
  • You know when I said Vivi doesn't seem to have a role to play if she were to join the Straw Hats, and so she doesn't seem like she may ultimately team up with them in the end? I was thinking, after this is all over, if we find out that she can play an instrument...
@ Notable Humor:
Chopper: "Your blood pressure is almost like a zombie's, but... you've got nothing to worry about!" Usopp: "I feel so good right now... I see a field of beautiful flowers..."
[Miss Doublefinger's fuckin' strut.]
Edit: Oops, the images should be reversed! Got the episodes backwards
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Trip Report: Sakura Season 2017 - Sendai to Fukuoka

I saw on the last trip report someone else posted, people really appreciate these. I thought I would put mine up from last year. We did a huge itinerary which people ask about all the time. I hope this helps anyone trying to figure out their trip.
We flew out of JFK on March 29th 2017 at 9am non-stop to Tokyo – 8 total Americans 27-31 in age, all first timers. There are 3 females, 5 males, 3 of the group are heavily tattooed including neck and hands. I spent 12 months planning this itinerary and booking everything for the whole group. We all had back packs and carry on size luggage, no one had a suitcase. Total trip time – 22 days (including South Korea). This is a hefty itinerary and I would never do this again. It was exhausting and rushed. But, for all those who say ‘I HAVE TO SEE EVERYTHING RIGHT NOW!” this is how we did it. Most of our friends will never go back, so they didn’t care how, they wanted to do as much as possible. This itinerary would be more manageable with less than 8 people. We flew JAL which I liked better than ANA. I felt the food was better, the attendants were more attentive, and the movie selection was better. But, that is just my opinion.
March 30th 2017 – Arrive in Tokyo!!!! Shibuya 
We took the N’XT and got to Tokyo in 58 minutes. Narita airport was easy to navigate. While we waited for the next train, we pulled money out of the international ATM at the airport. We were stopped in the airport and filmed for the Japanese show “Why did you come to Japan?” There were 8 of us, so I think we really stood out. We went to our Airbnb and unpacked. Our Airbnb was about a 12 minute walk from Shibuya station. The Airbnb was tiny, but it was a great location. We paid $880 for the week, so each person paid $98 for 7 days. After we unloaded, we walked to Shibuya and got curry at a vending machine ticket shop near the station. I don’t know the name of it, but it is across the street from SCRAMBLE café. It is now my go to food after we get off the train from the airport.
March 31st 2017 – Harajuku -> Akihabara 
We started on Takeshita Street. I really wanted to get a purikura (I read a lot of shoujo manga). My friend and I went into the purikura basement along the main street. There are about 13 machines down there, it took a minute but we figured out how to use it. It was super fun, I even got my boyfriend to do one. I didn’t realize it was so popular. I always thought of it as something you happen upon in the mall like a photo booth at home, but nooooo. Be warned, rowdy pre-teen & teenage girls will be everywhere with makeup falling all over the place, it’s really a sight. We walked around and somehow ended up at Togo Shrine. It was a nice shrine in the middle of some greenery in the city. It was quite pleasant. We did our first prayer placard here and tied our fortune to the string after we opened it. We walked around Takeshita Street for a good while, it was a Friday so it was crowded and I wanted to look in everything. After this we went to Akihabara. Most people on the trip were at least slightly into anime, most were extremely into it. I finally got my Japanese Gaming Cards for Konami and MaiMai. You create a profile and save your avatar, think gaming cards for casinos. Even as a souvenir (since they don’t work in America) they are cool. We played a lot of video games where you get cards after each round and build your deck to play the game with! The arcades there are filled with business men! It is so interesting to see, we rarely saw young kids like you get at home.
April 1st 2017 – Nakano Broadway -> Ikebukuro -> Akihabara 
We started the day out at Nakano Broadway. We walked around all the floors but I wasn’t overly impressed with it, but maybe I didn’t look hard enough. I will definitely go back next time we are in Tokyo. The side streets leading off the main street as you walk up are pretty cool though, they are so quaint and fascinating to look down. After this, we headed to the Pokecenter and J-world! They are in the same Sunshine building in Ikebukuro. The shopping center itself is impressive and had a mariokart tournament going in the main plaza. We had lunch at J-world and I played every carnival game I could. It was very much geared towards children but we had a blast either way. There were anime key chains that were exclusive to J-world. It was a money sink, but whatever. After this, we went to Akihabara again for the night. We ended up there every night to play MaiMai. You can’t play it in America (only LA and Vegas) so we had to get our fill. We went to AkibaZone to buy anime statues. They have a whole floor of unboxed statues and they are much cheaper then you find in America. I spent about $400 and got about $600 worth of statues. They also have retired statues you can’t get anymore.
April 2nd 2017 – Shibuya -> Takanawa -> Roppongi 
Today I walked Shibuya 109 Men’s and Shibuya 109. No one else wanted to go. After that, we all went to Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine. I don’t remember being overly amazed by it. The walk around the park was quite lovely though. I really enjoyed how cool and fresh it felt. After this, we got on the subway and went to Sengakuji Temple. We were on the actual subway, not the JR train lines. It took 5 huge escalators to get back to ground level!!! I am quite intrigued with the story of the 47 Ronin and this is the temple that has the graves of all 47, plus the master and his wife. It also has the well that the ronin washed the head in before presenting it to their master’s grave. It is a small complex in a quiet part of the city with lots of houses. There was almost no one there even though it was the middle of the day on Sunday. I really enjoyed this temple. Next we went to Roppongi Hills. There was a sakura festival going on in the main garden area of the shopping center. We walked the garden and enjoyed all the amazing cherry blossoms. Roppongi Hills is an amazing architecture building with a museum and observation floor. We went to Café Crepe for dinner. The crepes were amazing, absolutely delicious and the entire interior is designed like a French house. We paid $18 to go up to the observation deck. We knew we were not doing Tokyo Tower or Skytree, we choose this place instead. They take your picture and give you a tiny one for free, it’s a nice little souvenir. The observation deck is on the 52nd floor of the building, we ate on the 6th. We took a bus back to the Airbnb, it was very easy with google maps to find and identify the bus stop and read the timetable.
April 3rd 2017 – Shibuya -> Mitaka -> Asakusa  
To start the day, I got my shower first and then walked around the neighborhood whole waiting for everyone. I found a small neighborhood temple and sat and watched people pass on their way to work or school and pray. It was really nice to be able to see this custom first hand in actual practice. I have no idea what the shrine was called, but if you are staying in a neighborhood area, I would suggest taking a relaxing morning stroll around and finding these little surprises. We went to Shibuya to turn in my JR pass. Everyone else had turned it in on Sunday and waited 2 hours in line. I was there 32 minutes and got my pass. The Ghibli Museum is great! It was fascinating to see all the movies I love in the drawings and storyboards. You will often find that in rural or less touristy places in Japan, there are no paper towels in the bathrooms. People carry tenugui (personal towels, looks like a wash cloth) and dry their hands with that and go on their way. The first bathroom I encountered like this was the one in the park by the Ghibli Museum. The first tenugui I encountered after learning what was going on was in the Ghibli gift shop. So, I had to buy one! If you can’t get into the café at the museum, don’t worry. The donut balls at the window next to the café are DELICIOUS! If you buy the photobook of the museum, since you can’t take pictures, you get a huge watercolor map of the museum. It is a wonderful souvenir. The short film we got to see was adorable, about a water skimmer and a crab. You get a piece of film as your ticket and they let you keep it. After this lovely afternoon we went to Sensoji Temple. It’s HUGE! There were cherry blossom food and hanami everywhere. Sakura flavored grilled mochi is the best. Getting your fortune here is fun. You shake a big drum and a stick falls out. You find the drawer with the number on the stick and that’s your fortune. This is where we first encountered the “fake monks.” They shove a gold medallion in your hand and ask for money. I took the first one for a souvenir and then denied the other 30 we encountered on the rest of the trip. We had dinner at Ippudo, mostly because we go there in NYC. I can’t believe in NYC it’s a high end restaurant and in Japan it’s like McDonald’s. It blew my mind the difference in presentation.
April 4th 2017 – Shibuya -> Harajuku -> Ueno -> Akihabara 
We went to the post office and jettisoned our extras and souvenirs. My box cost $101 and had anime statues, manga, and clothes. We walked to this little hole in the wall art store across from the money exchange bank near Shibuya station. There were several artists among us who wanted a sketch book for the remaining travels. We walked from Shibuya to Harajuku to Ueno (or so I was told, this was a free day with no plans). We found B-Side Stickers on the way in a very trendy part of town. B-Side Stickers is a fun shop, there are four people who design all the art in the stores. The shops are all over the place and we always happened upon them by chance. We stayed at Centurion Hotel Ueno. The room was about $450 but there were 6 of us in it. There were 2 sets of amazing built in bunk beds with a TV, a king size mattress (extra thick futon) on the other side of the room on a raised section of floor, sliding shoji screens to a terrace, which had a private soaking tub and bamboo. The room and hotel was absolutely stunning and worth every penny, this was our splurge hotel. We walked to Akihabara from here and got food on the way. I thought I ordered a 3 gyoza piece meal but I ordered 3 orders of the 5 piece meal…… After Akihabara on the way back to the hotel we passed a Mos Burger. I always hear about this in Shoujo manga so I ran in and grab a burger, they are actually really good, get the teriyaki one.
April 5th 2017 – Ueno -> Nikko 
Before we left for Nikko, we stowed our bags at the station and walked around Ueno Park. There was a cherry blossom festival going on with lots of vendors and food stalls. We spent about an hour eating and walking around then left for Nikko. Ieyasu Tokugawa is my favorite figure in Japanese history. I was very excited for Nikko because of this. We got our Nikko bus passes when we got into town and took a short bus ride to our onsen. When we got to our onsen, called Nikko Tokanso, my name was written on a chalk placard outside the hotel welcoming us. The hotel only has maybe 20 rooms. We had 2 rooms for 2 nights, four people were in each room and they allow tattoos in the public bath after 9pm. We picked this onsen for its proximity to the sights at the bottom of the mountain. We stored our bags at the hotel and walked to Toshogu Temple, it was 5 minutes away. The shrine was beautiful. Words can’t do it justice, it was so ornate and crafted with such skill. This is where Ieyasu’s mausoleum is. It did cost money to go in but it was so worth it. The monkeys and white cat always featured in Nikko pictures are also in the shrine. We went back to the onsen and relaxed for the rest of the night. They serve traditional kaiseki meals for dinner and breakfast that were included in the price. The food was fantastic and fresh and just amazing.
April 6th 2017 - Nikko 
We had our awesome kaiseki breakfast to prepare us for a full day! I even tried the natto but that is not for me… After breakfast, we took the bus up the mountain. We had no traffic and we didn’t see a ton of tourists. First stop was Kegon Falls! We walked around and took the elevator down to the bottom. I love waterfalls, I think for this reason, my boyfriend suddenly proposed to me!! What?! I bought a tenugui to commemorate the event and matching phone charms. After all the excitement and pictures, we all walked down to Lake Chuzenji. We accidently walked to the north side of the lake and encountered Futuraasan Chuzenji shrine. It was small and not the one I was looking for. So, we walked all the way back to the main corner and went east instead. Along the way we passed a guy selling grilled mochi out of a window. We got some again, grilled mochi is the best! I will eat a lot of it this trip. On the east side of the lake we found an obaasan selling hand carved plates and statues from a shop. She was working on a plate while we watched, I couldn’t believe how nimble her fingers were. We ended up buying a plate and talking to her for a bit. Finally, we got to Nikkoyama Chuzenji Shrine, the right one. This shrine has a tree in it that was carved in to Kannon in the 700s. It is now petrified and the temple stands around it. It was super interesting seeing it up close. This shrine also has an amazing view out over the mountains and lake. The monk that was showing us around (we were the only ones there) took a group photo for us with the beautiful scenery in the background. After this, we went back down the mountain and had lunch in town. We still had some day light after this so we wondered the forest and around town. We found some local omiyage shops and got maple cake. Maple is a very big flavor in Nikko as we found maple coffee in the vending machines as well. We relaxed in our room and watched Japanese shows before dinner and then enjoyed the open air bath.
April 7th 2017 – Nikko -> Sendai 
We woke up and had our last meal at the onsen, sad to be leaving. Our friends who wouldn’t get naked in public took their last turns in the private one or by woke up at 4am when no one would be in the public one. We walked to Rinnoji Temple. The main temple building is under construction at the time we went but you could go all the way up the construction building and see how they were restoring the temple. I thought it was fascinating that you could do this and really see what goes into the restoration process. After this, we walked to Iemitsu’s mausoleum. We took the bus back to town and waited for our train. When you are in Nikko, right by the train station, there is this little stall that sells “Age Yuba Manju.” You need to eat this. I literally got 4 the first time and 5 the next trip. These are delicious and you must eat them. After we finished eating, we got on the train and headed to Sendai. We got to our hotel in Sendai, dropped everything off and headed out for the evening. We walked Clis Street (covered shopping streets like this one are everywhere in every city in Japan) and found Café Misty. I might have had the best omurice and hamburger curry of my life there. We ended the night at Taito Station playing video games. Sendai is not interesting in itself, at all.
April 8th 2017 - Hiraizumi 
Today we went to Hiraizumi. We started with Mustoji Temple. The pure land garden was pretty, but it was still pretty cold up north so I don’t think we could appreciate the beauty. We walked to Chusonji Temple and ended up at Kinjikido Hall. The golden hall is actually HOUSED in another building. The whole Kinjikido Hall is gold, shinning gold like you see it movies! No one else wanted to go in with me, but my breath was taken away. It was absolutely beautiful and I’ve never seen anything like it. We walked around the area a bit and found some other small temples. We took the shinkansen back to Sendai and went to the Book Off Bazaar next to the station. I found some manga I was looking for and some super cheap anime keychains. Book Off is a second hand store and the bazaars have an anime and manga floor. We got bento’s at Familymart for dinner, went to Taito station to play for a while, then called it a night.
April 9th 2017 - Yamadera 
Today we go to Yamadera. We got there and even the walk through to town was enjoyable. It is 1000 steps to the top of the mountain, I lost count at 890. We started walking up the side of the mountain and all the little shrines and small statues along the way were adorable. There were lots of coins pushed into the soft rock along steps. The view at the top is gorgeous. We sat up there a while and took pictures and just enjoyed the view. There weren’t that many people and most were Japanese so it was nice and quiet. I took a bunch of time lapse video of the clouds rolling in. After we came down, we stopped at the Enzou soba noodle shop right by the station. They specialize in curry udon. It was the best meal I had the whole trip, especially after the cold damp climb. We told them that their food was amazing and the waiter brought the owner out who got on the floor and bowed to us! I was really touched that our comment meant that much to them. We will go back to that shop any time we are in the Tohoku region. We went back to Sendai and to Taito station….there is not much to do in Sendai. Our one friend is an impressive crane game winner and won me a statue, plus 4 for him and his gf. We went back to the hotel and relaxed for the night.
April 10th 2017 – Sendai -> Kyoto -> Nara 
Travel day. We left Sendai at 8am and took the train all the way to Tokyo and on to Kyoto. There was a lot we wanted to see in Kyoto. So, when we got to Kyoto station, we got off and did some sightseeing before heading to Nara for the evening. We went to Nijo Castle first. It was our first castle and very interesting to see. There were cherry blossoms blooming in the gardens and the whole grounds were in bloom and beautiful. We walked down to Kamigamo Shrine and there was a traditional wedding going on. What a great event to get to see happening live. After this, we continued on to Nara. On the train to Nara, a girl got on and sat across from me. She had exclusive Big Bang (kpop) concert key chains. I pointed at it and said they were awesome and that I love G Dragon in Japanese. She smiled really big and nodded at me. A few minutes later she took the G Dragon key chain off her book bag and handed it to me. I said “honto?!” and she said yes. Then she dashed off the train, I couldn’t believe it! I wasn’t sure if I made her feel uncomfortable but I felt like she gave it to me out of happiness to meet a fan. We asked our host where we should eat in Nara and she told us about an izakaya near the house. She said the owner would come and get us from our Airbnb. So, an older lady came and got us….and took us to a house across the street. We are all kind of like….whaaaaaat?? I emailed our host and she said the izakaya only sat 10 so the owner shut it down for the night to host us in her house! The dinner was $25 each with all the beer and bottomless bowls of food you could want. The food was delicious and she was cooking and preparing it right there in her kitchen. She knew almost no English but with google translate and our broken Japanese we managed to have a wonderful 2 hour conversation with her about her family and Japan. It was a truly wonderful experience that I don’t think we will ever have again! The people we met today were very nice and very open to us and it made me really happy. The woman who cooked for us and let us into her home had no issues or hesitations about all of our tattoos. I was overly worried about this planning our trip, that I would make people uncomfortable but I haven’t felt that at all.
April 11th 2017 - Nara 
Today was the first day we didn’t have Familymart breakfast. We went to a nice café and took the day really slow. We walked to the station and got our bus tickets for the day. We walked to Kofukuji Temple, then we walked around the area for a bit. We got on the bus and went to Kasuga Taisho. This shrine is known for its 3000 lanterns on the temple grounds. I would like to go back and see this in the evening when everything is lit up. We walked around and fed some deer and got some souvenirs. We walked to Todaiji Temple. This temple has the largest bronze Buddha in the world. This temple had the biggest impact on me out of everything we saw. It is so massive and so imposing. I took pictures but it just doesn’t capture it. Even the building and the gate as you walk up are huge! We went to Rokumei Coffee and walked around town a little. We found a nice restaurant and had curry hamburger for dinner (can you tell this is my favorite dish?). Walking between each of these temples we encountered a lot of food stalls. We had dried rice crackers with spices, the lady said she dried those two weeks. And grilled mochi, one with sakura and one with red bean, they had a deer face pressed into them. We took the bus back to the Airbnb and relaxed for the night.
April 12th 2017 – Nara -> Kyoto 
After getting to Kyoto and exploring, I wish we had just done a day trip to Nara. I found the deer kind of depressing and shabby from over eating or eating things they shouldn’t. I really did not like the deer part of Nara. We left Nara around 8am and got to Kyoto around 9am. We headed to Arashiyama first. The bamboo grove was already filled with people, but it was still beautiful. We went to Kofukuji and then on to Gio-ji Temple. These two temples are offered on a combo ticket. We weren’t planning on going to Kofukuji but since it was included, why not. Gio-ji Temple is a moss temple and my send favorite temple following Todaiji. There were people weeding the grounds while we were there and it took them so long to go over one small patch to get everything perfect. I was mesmerized watching them work so diligently. We spent a lot of time walking around this temple. It was very calm and serene and almost no one was there but us. Considering how busy the rest of the area was, it was a very nice respite. We walked all the way to Daikaku Temple after this. It had amazing cherry blossom viewing and we sat and enjoyed that for a long time. After this, we picked up our bags at the station, got lunch and went to our Airbnb. We headed back out and went to the Kyoto Pokecenter next. Amazing. So many exclusive items you can’t get at the other centers. I played the raffle at check out and got a tenugui with Hawaiian Pikachu! After this we went to the arcades for the night. Our friend put $10 into this interactive dinosaur game on the pachinko floor. It wasn’t vertical like a regular pachinko games but like a huge casino game. That $10 lasted 4 hours! I tried Evangelion pachinko, lost $10 without figuring out how to play and was done. On the walk back we found a ramen hole in the wall restaurant that everyone else said was amazing because they gave you a ton of meat, which was true, but the broth was meh.
April 13th 2017 - Kyoto 
We walked to Fushimi Inari around 930am. There were food stalls set up everywhere. I got a rice ball wrapped in bacon! The shrine area was super crowded with school kids all over. We didn’t go that far before deciding to leave. We took the bus to Toji Temple which has the biggest pagoda in Japan. This was the first blue sky day we had in a week! It wasn’t always raining, but it had been badly overcast for a while. The time at Toji Temple was extremely enjoyable. There is a small pond, lots of benches and ice cream. We were definitely running around a lot this trip and with the blue sky and the blooming flowers we just sat down and ate an ice cream. The other buildings on the grounds had amazing statues in them and were quite impressive themselves. After this, we all met up and went to Nishiki Market. We got grilled squid, shrimp tempura, a chocolate croquette, and other foods. We walked to Pontocho and marveled at the tiny streets and all the little restaurants. Our friends who were leaving Japan the next day decided that they wanted sushi for their last dinner. We found a sushi restaurant all the way at the end of the alley past a little playground. It was delicious, I have never been able to eat raw sushi until this moment. I will probably go to hell for it but we had whale sushi and raw chicken sushi. I couldn’t help myself, when will I ever get that opportunity again? We started walking back towards the Airbnb and passed a building along a covered shopping street that said massages 30 minutes 2000yen. So, we all got massages! It was so nice after 2 weeks of carrying my book bag all day every day.
April 14th 2017 – Kyoto -> Fukuoka 
We got up at 630am and walked to Fushimi Inari. I got my no people picture just like I see on Google. I was quite happy. The food stalls started opening again so we got grilled sweet potato with sugar on a stick. I follow Kyoto Dog Café on Instagram so we went there and I got shiba inu souvenirs! I have a shiba and I really wanted to go to this café. After this we headed towards Fukuoka. Some of the group stopped in Hiroshima, but we went straight to Fukuoka because I had a tattoo appointment. We found the NERV Shinkansen store at Hakata station and I got another tenugui there. We walked around Tenjin Underground for a little bit but the shops were expensive! It was hard to find that tattoo place but a little old lady pointed us to it after she saw my neck tattoos and worried face. I got a ramen bowl tattoo because tonkotsu ramen was born in Fukuoka and it’s my favorite type of ramen. The tattoo was only $150 with no tip (no tipping in Japan!). The guy was super nice and stayed till almost midnight to tattoo a kitsune mask and daruma on my other two friends. After this we headed to Nasaku Island to find some yatai! My fiancé really wanted to eat ramen at an open air stall like in movies and TV shows. We found one that was perfect and got the best ramen for $5 with a huge beer. We checked into our ryokan and enjoyed our last night with a public bath, sad, but what a great day.
April 15th 2017 – Fukuoka -> Busan / Seoul, South Korea till April 22nd 2017 
We went to the Fukuoka Pokecenter then headed to the port. We took the JR Beetle for $110 to Busan, South Korea. The process with customs was easy on both sides and they played a One Piece movie on the 3 hour trip. I really liked taking the ferry, which is jet engine powered.
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